(just your basic iphone selfie, 2017)

(just your basic iphone selfie, 2017)

About kd

My name is Kimberly Davalos, please feel free to call me Kim. I'm a third-generation, Filipina-American, a creative, a trouble maker, a hip hop head, and a (semi-bad) feminist, born and raised in Stockton, California. I have been based in the Bay Area, California since 2010 primarily as an educator and counselor. I received my Masters in Counseling from San Francisco State University in 2012 and have loved every minute of my career.

Writing is my first love. No doubts about it. Writing is my refuge. It's home base that I always come back to and informs everything I do. I began writing and found poetry very young. In 2009, I discovered Def Poetry Jam on YouTube and immersed myself completely into the spoken word scene. For about five years I wrote, performed, and built a new network of artists. I competed nationally and created my own circle of creative support locally here in the Bay Area. My poetry then began to find it's way into my professional career in education and I now build in Expression Pedagogy (Davalos & Nevado, 2017) into my classrooms and counseling. 

Photography came next. Photography began finding a way to express a narrative that the words I put together could not. In 2016, my good friend Xiomara offered my first paid gig to be the photographer for her leather company, UNOETH. It's been a love story for photos and myself since. If you know me, I am a subtle strength and through the medium of photography, I find a joy in capturing people, their lives, and their love that align with my own values and passions as an educator, woman of color, and artist.

Community work is my lifelong passion. My ability to connect to people from all backgrounds as a counselor is reflected in my writing to bring out gritty, unknown voices and perspective, and through my photography aesthetics that all focus on community. I love to find people's most authentic selves, their own passion, and a piece of their own stories through my words, my camera, and my own experiences. 

Constantly, I am looking for a challenge. Always looking for a new project or creative endeavor to evolve within. Keep it moving forward, I say. I look forward to moving and elevating with you.